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Enhance fan engagement and grow your audience

Stickier stats, awesome analytics, fan-focused graphics

Write with authority using the same analytics the teams use – recap the game from the coaches’ and players’ perspectives. Only Synergy Sports Technology gives you access to full NBA video, stats and analytics, optional NCAA basketball stats and analytics, in-depth analysis, one-click video examples, easy to generate graphics to enhance reader engagement and the categorized data you absolutely need on every play, player and team.

Advantages for professional sports writers, reporters, editors, bloggers, website and social media content managers

  • Full NBA stats and corresponding NBA video clips within 30 minutes of the final buzzer of every professional game
  • Thousands of data points tied to NBA video clips
  • Every possession clip labeled in play-type terms the coaches use
  • Pre-set filters by player, shot types, plays and more
  • League leaderboards show ranking by stat or category
  • Optional custom feed of engaging graphics to fuel your website, blog and social media accounts
  • Get into the coach’s head with the Analytics Dashboard
  • Discover more about the game with descriptive analytics and terminology tips
  • Includes interactive and multi-game shot chart showing video of any single shot or all shots from any point in the game
  • Web-based technology means stats and video are available anytime, anywhere
  • Includes every NBA and D-League game played
  • Add on the College and International Packages for deeper stats and analytics, especially for drafts and trades

Advantages for streaming

Planning to stream games or events?  Enhance your streaming offering with Synergy’s real-time stats, analytics and graphics.  Synergy can log any sport, any game and any event – and then present an engaging array of analysis and graphics for a more customized and stickier experience for the viewer.
Get information on how you can use Synergy technology for basketball analytics that back up your commentary.
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