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Synergy Sports Technology is designed by college and NBA coaches for college and NBA coaches. We put the “who, what, and why” of every play at coaches’ fingertips for unrivaled power and insight into the game.


Every NBA team, every WNBA team, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams, Olympic teams and International League teams.

Scout any team, any player and any play with just three clicks of your mouse!

No one on the planet does what we do!  Find your next player, evaluate free agents and decide who to draft or recruit. Just log onto the Synergy website and drill down on detailed reports to gain a better understanding of players, teams or individual games. See an interesting stat? Investigate further by clicking on it to watch matching video. As you discover key video clips, save them with a single mouse click and share them with your players. Send your edits to the players’ iPads or laptops, email the clips anywhere in the world, or add them to Synergy’s online/offline editor as part of a collaborative workflow.


Synergy’s success is built on proprietary technology that links an amazing array of sports data and video clips to create visual statistics and analytics about players, teams and games. Patented “1 Click Video” links every stat to the supporting video, resulting in auto-generated edits that once took hours to create. Synergy provides an infinite sorting of statistics and video clips in real time, giving coaches endless opportunities to discover answers to important questions as they formulate winning strategies.


The accuracy and detail of our logging and analytics is second to none. That means you’ll have all the hard data and video backup you need—when you need it. Plus, all of the data and video is archived and instantly available on the Synergy website. Synergy subscribers have unlimited access to any game’s video, broken down by plays run, players with the ball and key defenders. If a category can be accurately logged, Synergy logs it.

Any Game, Any Team, Any Player, Any Play, Anytime & Anywhere

The Synergy NET Editor is the only editor that drastically cuts team workflow by using Synergy’s online video capabilities. Coaches get more of the critical edits they need – delivered in a fraction of the time it once took with older editing systems. And NET allows coaches to email edits to players and staff from anywhere.

  • A Cloud Solution for Localized Workflow makes your video and edits available to you, your staff and your players at anytime and anywhere in the world
  • No internet access needed
  • A collaborative way to edit & view video
  • Text overlay which allows you to draw, write, and illustrate over your video to emphasize your message on the video itself
  • Start editing as soon as the game video starts downloading – no need to wait for transcoding or other  time-consuming transfer processes
  • The NET Editor also works as a stand-alone editor, allowing you to capture video from other camera feeds, DVDs, computer files or internal sources. When you combine locally acquired data and video with Synergy’s online video, you’ll produce edits that include every possible resource for information – getting the analytical job done faster than ever before.
  • Sort video clips to your specifications, putting breakdowns right at your fingertips
  • Use online collaborative workflow that allows your staff to work together to create edits – even from different locations and on their own time
  • Never worry about getting the games you need – Synergy cuts and logs over 50,000 basketball games each year, including all NBA, WNBA and D League games, NCAA men’s & women’s games and every game played in most international leagues.
  • Use user-defined custom tagging and generate title slides for professional presentations

Synergy’s technology dissects and analyzes every play, every player move, defensive techniques – then sorts those details and pairs it with supporting video. Play type tendencies, directions & efficiencies – the DNA of every team and player. The impact of such detailed and wide-ranging analysis has revolutionized the game of basketball and how it is coached – An advantage that is only available to Synergy subscribers.

Synergy is an integral part of successful basketball programs worldwide

  • Every single piece of data, analysis and video is available within 30 minutes of the final NBA game buzzer, and within 12 hours of the final buzzer of college and international games. Start editing as soon as the video starts downloading without waiting for transcoding or other transfer processes.
  • Only Synergy cuts and tags video of every play in every game, and deletes insignificant minutes and lags.
  • Look up team and players when executing play types like post-ups, pick and rolls, isolations, off screens, spot-ups, transitions and more.
  • Sort video for shot attempts: Catch and shoots, jump shot off the dribble, and drives to the basket.
  • Watch video of traditional stats: Shots, assists, rebounds, steals turnovers, etc.
  • Useful charts demonstrate jump shot range and player’s drive and post-up tendencies.
  • Interactive shot charts let you find shots for any part of the game, or sort shots by play type, bench vs. starters, individual players and much more.
  • View and sort video by man-to-man or zone, end or side out-of-bound plays, after time-out plays, time the team pushes the ball in transition.
  • Graphic tools compare players head-to-head, using regular stats or play type stats.
  • Unique graphics and charts make Synergy’s advanced statistics come alive.
  • Leaderboards let you assess any player in hundreds of categories, and compare them to the rest of the players in their league.
  • Use your imagination – Filter the data by anything imaginable that you may need for success!