Key Players

The Winning Team
Mark Silver

Chief Executive Officer

After the 2007-2008 NBA season, Mark left the Philadelphia 76ers staff to join Synergy. Mark manages Synergy’s product planning, sales and account management teams, and Synergy’s award winning customer service organization. In addition, Mark is responsible for the management of Synergy’s process of dissecting and analyzing every game played, worldwide.
Deb Brichta

Chief Operating Officer

Deb joined Synergy in 2016, leaving her VP Operations position at Morgan Stanley. She brings over 20 years of experience building and managing large training, customer service, human resources and strategy organizations worldwide. Deb’s extensive experience in guiding companies through strategic partnerships, joint ventures and rapid growth will be a major asset to Synergy as the company continues its worldwide expansion and growth. At Synergy, Deb is responsible for worldwide Training, Customer Service and Human Resources.
Jason Brichta

Director of Finance

Jason joined Synergy in early 2016 after 15 years of financial management, budgeting, forecasting and business analysis experience in both the public and private sectors. Jason proudly sports an MBA from the University of Texas (go horns!), and is responsible for all accounting and financial management for Synergy. He is adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest, and his planning and project management skills, as well as his love of sports, are proving to be a valuable addition to Synergy.
Scott Mossman
Vice President, Business Development for Team Products and Services
Early in his 20-year career as a successful college basketball coach, Scott Mossman coached with Garrick Barr at Grand Canyon University, helping their team win the 1988 NAIA Division I National Championship. In 2004, Scott joined Synergy to spearhead USA sales efforts and business development. Through the years, he also teamed with Garrick to design several new Synergy products, offering solutions through the eyes and experience of a college coach.