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We do basketball!

In 2004, Garrick Barr left his coaching position with the Phoenix Suns, founded Synergy Sports Technology, and permanently changed the way basketball coaches, baseball coaches and general managers do their jobs.

Today, Synergy has grown to become the dominant global provider of data, analytics and tools that coaches and general managers rely upon to evaluate players, create scouting reports, build game plans and win championships. Each year, Synergy dissects and analyzes virtually every basketball game played worldwide above the high school level – that’s over 50,000 games per year.


Synergy’s technology captures every play, every player move and every defensive technique, and then each capture is broken down, sorted, paired with advanced analytics and stored in a massive, powerful database system that allows easy access and data manipulation. The impact of such detailed and wide-ranging analysis has revolutionized the game of basketball and how it is coached. Today, Synergy is relied upon by virtually every organized basketball team, above the high school level, worldwide.

Here’s who uses Synergy in their quest to win

Every NBA team, every WNBA team, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams, Olympic teams and International League teams. ESPN, SB Nation, Sports Illustrated, and other media outlets have developed strategic relationships with Synergy that enable them to reach fans with in-depth analyses that enhance game coverage, and provide insider peeks into how coaches and general managers make their decisions. Today Synergy has a worldwide workforce, five patents and countless technology breakthroughs, making the Synergy name synonymous with the most advanced technology and highest quality tools in the sports technology industry.

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