A leap forward for basketball analytics and video workflow

Synergy’s success is built on proprietary technology that links an amazing array of sports data and video clips to create visual statistics and analytics about players, teams and games. All data is tied to matching video, resulting in auto-generated edits that once took hours to create. Synergy provides an infinite sorting of statistics and video clips in real time, giving coaches endless opportunities to discover answers to important questions as they formulate winning strategies.

Unique breadth of NBA and NCAA stats and video

Synergy’s technology dissects and analyzes every play, every player move, defensive techniques – then sorts those details and pairs it with supporting video. The impact of such detailed and wide-ranging analysis has revolutionized the game of basketball and how it is coached. The advantage is only available to Synergy subscribers.

Scouting video your way

Watch games “in-the-flow” without the inconvenience of fast-forwarding through commercials. Or access individual clips of possessions, each married to endless stats on every individual player, team or game. Synergy provides a complete on-demand view of an amazing range of details to satisfy any coach, player, sports writer or fan – all connected to matching video designed to allow viewers to make their own final evaluations.

Synergy’s NET Editor: Capitalizing on the digital age

The Synergy NET Editor is the only editor that drastically cuts team workflow by using Synergy’s online video capabilities. Coaches get more of the critical edits they need – delivered in a fraction of the time it once took with older editing systems. And NET allows coaches to email edits to players and staff from anywhere.  

• Start editing as soon as the game video starts downloading – no need to wait for transcoding or other
  time-consuming transfer processes.  
• Use Synergy’s automated edits to narrow down the search for plays and game situations.
• The NET Editor also works as a stand-alone editor, allowing you to capture video from other camera
  feeds, DVDs, computer files or internal sources.
     —When you combine locally acquired data and video with Synergy’s online video, you’ll produce
        edits that include every possible resource for information – getting the analytical job done faster
        than ever before.
• Sort video clips to your specifications, putting breakdowns right at your fingertips.
• Use online collaborative workflow that allows your staff to work together to create edits – even from
  different locations and on their own time.
• Never worry about getting the games you need – Synergy cuts and logs all NBA games, 95% of
  D-1 games and every game played at several international leagues.
• Use user-defined custom tagging and generate title slides for professional presentations.
• Trim clips in a snap with Synergy’s unique Quick Trim tool.

Synergy NET Editor defines the
standard for efficient team workflow

No more painstaking searches through endless games looking for the video examples you need. Synergy's NET Editor leverages thousands of games in our video database, where every game is cut and tagged in great detail so you don't have to. The result is a nearly endless number of automated edits to choose from, which will save you hundreds of hours per season. Plus, there are no delays while you wait for video to load: Start working in seconds after selecting your edits. Synergy's full-featured NET Editor sets the bar with affordable pricing, online power, local capture and offline versatility.

• Would you like to save HUNDREDS of hours
  per season? Using the Synergy NET Editor
  will literally cut hundreds of hours from your
  video workflow!   
• All video possessions are cut for you.
  No more creating in and out points to
  make clips.
• All of the video is organized and sorted
  for you. No more searching for that elusive
  example to show your team.
• Whether you want man offensive sets,
  presses, or post defense by a particular
  player - or any of hundreds of other filters -
  Synergy has done the work for you.
• If you prefer, work with full game video
  instead of pre-clipped video.
• All of the video is available on our server.
  One mouse click moves the video from the
  cloud right to your editor.
• Work online or offline - it makes no difference
  to your workflow.
• Local capture provides total flexibility on when
  and where you grab clips.
• NET Editor software is provided for each
  member of your staff - no more buying
  one license at a time.
• Share video among your staff with one
  mouse click: Collaborate and merge
  separate edits with ease.
• Email edits to your players or send edits
  directly to player iPads from the NET Editor.
• Add tags to label video for your specific needs.
• 100% customizable title slides. Use text, colors,
  graphs, pictures, tables and charts the way you
  want them for whatever effect you can imagine.
• Easy Drag & Drop feature allows you to arrange
  the order of video clips in a snap!
• 100% PC and Mac compatible. Use your
  existing computers; no new computers to buy.
• All video storage is in the cloud. No more
  external hard drives or DVDs to keep track
  of or worry about!
• Free 24/7 Tech Support. Talk to a live,
  knowledgeable person when you need them.
• Free and unlimited training.
• Free future software updates.